My Metabolic Makeover® of Staten Island and Brooklyn, N.Y., to Hold Acclaimed Weight-Loss Workshops

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Individualized nutrition program corrects body-chemistry, leads to better health, weight loss

Dr. Nicole Gullo uses a bio-impedance scale to measure the progress of a My Metabolic Makeover® client. The non-intrusive technology is used to evaluate body composition.

 My Metabolic Makeover®’s highly anticipated free health-and-weight-loss workshop is back.

Now that the word is out, seats are expected to fill up quickly.

My Metabolic Makeover® is an individualized nutrition program that promotes weight-loss, weight-maintenance and overall health the way nature likely intended: By eliminating harmful toxins, correcting body-chemistry and making proper food-choices a habit.

“For many people, these workshops have marked the beginning of a new, healthier life,” said Dr. Nicole Gullo, a renowned metabolism expert

 and board-certified chiropractic physician.

The informative gathering will take place on different days at each of Dr. Gullo’s New York City locations: 2051 East 68th St., in Brooklyn, and 3770 Richmond Ave., on Staten Island.

The Brooklyn workshop will be held on Saturday, June 5, at 1 p.m.; the Staten Island session is slated for Monday, June 7, at 7 p.m.

Reservations are suggested. Those interested in attending are encouraged to contact My Metabolic Makeover® as soon as possible.

My Metabolic Makeover® began as a supplementary program for some of Dr. Gullo’s overweight patients. The program has taken on an identity of its own during Dr. Gullo’s 15 years in practice.

Part of My Metabolic Makeover® program’s success relies upon enlightening participants about the workings of their bodies.

“They discover whether or not they are burning calories efficiently, and what needs to be done to maximize their metabolism,” Dr. Gullo explained. “If a physiological imbalance, such as a thyroid condition, is preventing weight loss, they learn to correct it… My Metabolic Makeover® “is far more than a successful short-term diet-strategy; it’s a healthy lifestyle change.”

To reserve your place at one of the free workshops, or to schedule a My Metabolic Makeover® appointment, call 718-605-4093 or log onto

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