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Relevant PR is Journalist-Empowered®
Founded and headed by an award-winning business journalist, Relevant Public Relations has a wealth of newsroom contacts, and firsthand knowledge of why some press releases are embraced by editors, producers and reporters   — while others are instantly ignored.

Skilled And Experienced
Relevant PR’s regional, national and global reach will deliver your message with optimum impact through skillfully crafted public relations releases and strong ties throughout the media industry.

Newsroom Analysis
Prior to distributing a news release, Relevant Public Relations analyzes reporters’ “beats” and the domains of editors and producers within individual newsrooms. This process enhances the probability of publication and/or broadcast, and ensures that the client’s message reaches the intended audience — locally, nationally or globally.

Multimedia Integration
Relevant PR can increase the impact for your press release by innovatively integrating traditional and online newsroom distribution with social-media management, blogging, e-mail marketing, and more.

Geared For Results
As experts in both traditional and digital public relations strategies, the Relevant Public Relations team will build your brand and work hard to ensure your message reaches audiences who can most effectively increase the bottom line of your business, professional practice or organization.