Divers, College of Staten Island Provide SCUBA Instruction For Beginners

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July 15, 2010
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Breaking the surface in the deep end of the College of Staten Island pool are, from left, scuba students John Doyle, Steve LaManna and Anthony Egan; Master Dive Instructor Stephen Lombardo, and scuba student Lisa LaManna.

The latest endeavor of the Staten Island Sport Divers Club has surfaced in the pool at the College of Staten
Island, Willowbrook.

The group has teamed up with the school’s Office of Continuing Education to offer a scuba course for

The final opportunity for newcomers to join the summer scuba program is Thursday. Classes will run from 6 to
9:30 p.m., each Thursday through Aug. 5. Perspective students are advised to contact Stephen Lombardo,
president of the Staten Island Sport Divers Club, in advance at 718-702-8623.


The cost of the course (SCUBA01) is $250 per person. Students will need a textbook and personal gear.
Designed by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), the program is designed to make the
student comfortable with the equipment and procedures necessary to visit the world beneath the sea.
To qualify for the course, you must be able to swim 200 yards nonstop.

Each student who passes all parts of the course will receive a Certificate of Completion of Confined Water
Training and a PADI Referral qualifying him or her for an Open-Water Checkout, which can be done in the
location of the student’s choice.

Should the student choose to do the Open-Water Checkout locally, with the same instructor who taught in the
pool, the cost is an additional $250, which includes rental of compressed air tank, regulator, buoyancy
compensator, wetsuit, hood, weight belt and additional weight.