Video Surveillance Corp., Headquartered On Staten Island, N.Y., Embraces Technologies That Indentify, Squash Criminal Activity

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August 31, 2010
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VSC owners have designed security systems for venues ranging from a New York Diamond District building to hospitals, hotels and private residences

NEW YORK — In the wake of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the awareness of video surveillance as a crime-fighting tool continues to evolve with technology.

“Today, high-tech surveillance not only can record lawlessness, but stop it in its tracks,” said Bob De Gennaro, president of Staten Island, N.Y.-based Video Surveillance Corp. “Video verification, for example, can provide authorities with validation that an alarm has been triggered due to criminal activity, making false alarms obsolete and encouraging the likelihood of a police response.”

VSC is a leading world-class security-systems integrator. Since launching in 1978, the fully licensed and insured New York-headquartered company has remained at the forefront of technological advances, ensuring the homes and businesses under its watch receive optimum protection.


Under the hands-on leadership of De Gennaro and his son, Matthew, VSC is a full-service alarm and surveillance company, designing, installing, upgrading and maintaining state-of-the-art video-monitoring and security systems for homes and business places of all sizes.

The De Gennaros have designed and implemented security systems for a host of venues, including a building in New York City’s Diamond District, private residences, retail hubs, food establishments, foreign-diplomatic accommodations, hospitals, package-delivery services, manufacturing facilities, newspaper plants, industrial sites, and more.

Gerry Garofalo, vice president, safety and security, at Jewish Home LifeCare in New York, has been dealing with VSC for some 12 years.
“I’ve never has a problem with them,” Garofalo said. “VSC is extremely reliable. They operate and maintain surveillance and alarm equipment at the seven sites for which I am responsible.”

About Video Surveillance Corp.
Launched in 1978, Video Surveillance Corp. (VSC) is a world-class commercial and residential security-systems integrator. A full-service alarm and surveillance provider, the Staten Island, N.Y.-based company is recognized as a leading specialist in identifying and plugging security gaps with tools ranging from high-tech entry-access technologies to alarm systems, offsite video and audio monitoring devices, and more.

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