Relevant Public Relations Cites 'NO.1 Rule' For Businesses Posting Social Media Content

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President, Relevant Public Relations LLC

NEW YORK — The No.1 rule for utilizing online social media as a business-marketing tool is: Don’t be annoying.

Communicating the benefits of doing business with your enterprise is arguably an essential component of success.

However, with the avalanche of information being distributed to users of Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, it’s very easy for most of us to morph from a provider of useful information into an irritating self-advertising behemoth.

The way to avoid this is to share useful information with those in your social media circles, and limit ad-like content. It’s much less intimidating when a business engages online communities with beneficial advice, as opposed to aggressive sales pitches.

Most importantly, be honest. Friendships are built in much the same way. It’s a lot easier for others to appreciate the value of your business services and/or products if you’ve first established a reputation for integrity.

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