Relevant Public Relations Suggests 4 Ways to Treat Your Business Like A Sport, But Not A Game, in 2013

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By Barton Horowitz

President of Relevant Public Relations LLC

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Competing in business can be compared to competing in sports: Success requires knowledge, training, focus and stamina.

And, just like sports, “wins” in business matter. In business, I prefer to view the “wins” as “earns,” because that’s what they really are.

To grow a business, you need to build your reputation by earning it: Earning new and repeat customers, earning referrals, and earning the respect of clients, colleagues, employees — and even competitors. When all of these “earns” click, we earn a living.

We all know business is not a game, but there are those who treat it as such by failing to satisfy their clientele.

Here are four simple suggestions for training your business to be a champion in 2013:

1) Focus on growth.

If you haven’t already done so, create a written strategy for increasing your customer base in the coming months. Think along the lines of how to market your products and services, and upgrade the quality of your Web site, if needed.

2) Strive to be the very best at what you do.

This means giving careful consideration to every aspect of your business, ranging from the way in which you work to product control and customer service.

3) Respond quickly to clients.

Speaking of customer service, make sure to return phone calls, emails and other messages promptly. You may be busy, but clients should never get a sense of being ignored.

4) Socialize in the tangible world – not only on the Internet.

Social media and modern methods of communication definitely have a secure place in today’s business world; but make certain to consider your health and set aside time for leisure, live person-to-person networking and socializing.

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