3 Reasons To Be Cautious When Launching A Facebook Page For Your Business

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3 Reasons To Be Cautious When Launching A Facebook Page For Your Business

Relevant Public Relations points to a common error made by entrepreneurs on the popular social media site

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Most business owners and professionals are eager to utilize Facebook as a marketing tool for their enterprise.social media

But regardless of whether your business or professional practice is new or long established, you shouldn’t jump onto the social media bandwagon before you learn the basics.

One of the most common Facebook-related errors I see among new clients is confusion between their business pages, which seek “Likes,” and personal pages masquerading as business pages, which acquire “Friends.”


Sometimes both pages even have the same name. This is an identity and branding issue that becomes an even bigger problem when the activity on the personal page far outreaches that of the business page.

Clients who use their personal page for business purposes begin running into difficulties as their list of Facebook friends begins to grow. Co-mingling customers with real-life and cyber friends is not the best of strategies.

Here’ why:

1) If your Facebook friends are many, you could run into difficulties when “recommending” them to like your business page.

If Facebook questions how well you know these people, a red flag will be raised – possibly setting the stage for being barred from the social media site.

2) Using a personal page as though it were a business page has its limitations. For example, an application such as the ability to pre-schedule posts is not available on a personal page.

3) If your ambition is to continually build the number of friends on the page, along with activity, remember: Facebook, at least for now, will limit you to 5,000 friends. This is not an issue with the number of “Likes” on a Facebook business page.

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