Relevant PR Commentary: Don’t Neglect ‘Old-Fashioned’ Ways Of Communicating In Today’s Social-Media Rich Society

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By BARTON HOROWITZ, president Relevant Public Relations

Online social media sites lack the emotional impact of some earlier vehicles of communication, such as letter writing and personal phone calls.

With increasing numbers of people interacting on the Web, it’s become far too easy to lose ourselves in cyber space for extended periods of time.

While online social-media activity can be an effective way of staying in touch with friends and business associates, it arguably lacks the warm emotional impact of an old-fashioned “How-the-heck-are-you?” phone call, a handwritten letter or, if possible, a personal visit.

I’m not advocating that we turn back the clock on technology. I won’t stop my frequent visits to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites; and I enjoy the quick-communications convenience of e-mails and mobile texting.

However, I hope to spend more time in 2011 staying in touch in traditional ways -– by phone, by letter and by listening.



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