12 Ways To Secure Your Place As An Expert In Your Field

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STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — For many entrepreneurs, the growth of a business depends upon the answer to these two questions:

Are you an expert in your field?

If so, do potential clients know how good you really are? 

Here is some advice for qualified individuals who want to build a reputation as an expert:

  1. Learn as much about your industry and its potential new directions before launching your goal to become a recognized expert.
  2. Remember, nothing  replaces experience.
  3. Keep learning; education never stops.
  4. It’s important to network with potential clients, as well as others in your field: Join your local Chamber of Commerce; participate in community-service organizations, business-networking groups and trade organizations.
  5. Read industry publications, as well as general business publications; take classes and attend seminars.
  6. Surround  yourself with experts who can help you in areas outside of your own expertise. This will allow your business to run smoothly so you can focus on what you do best.
  7. Publicize your accomplishments and milestones.
  8. Speak before groups and associations — make yourself known.
  9. Utilize social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to interact with others as an industry expert.
  10. Provide ongoing useful industry-related advice on a blog and social media sites.
  11. As often as possible, get your name referred to in the media and elsewhere an expert in your industry (a public relations pro can help with this).
  12. Establish a newsletter with useful content as a means of reminding others of your expertise.

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