4 Questions You Need To Ask Your Public Relations Firm

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January 14, 2013
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4 Questions You Need To Ask Your Public Relations Firm


Relevant Public Relations encourages clients to ask critical questions.

For your PR investment to work, it has to be strategized by a skilled professional. A friend recently pointed me to an article written by West Coast PR pro Bob Silver. The theme of the article is clearly found in its title: “Questions any public relations pro you pay must be able to answer.”

Hmmm, a challenge? Fortunately, my firm, Relevant Public Relations LLC passed the test with flying colors. If you are uncertain about the quality of PR representation you are receiving, or perhaps hunting for a PR firm to hire, I recommend that you read Silver’s article. As he puts it:

It’s early in the New Year and here’s a question to chew on: Have you fired your public relations agency yet?

Maybe I’m being a little harsh, but at a time when corporate communications is being turned on its head, it’s fair to ask your PR agency (or in-house PR resource, for that matter) some questions. Depending on the answers, you may need to think about a change. A few questions that come to mind for me: READ MORE … 

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