5 Pre-Digital Business Protocols That Still Make Sense

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May 15, 2015
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5 Pre-Digital Business Protocols That Still Make Sense


Even though the Internet and cutting-edge mobile devices are affecting the way we conduct business, modern technology will never replace the human touch when it comes to building solid relationships.Old typewriter in front of contemporary laptop

Although most of us now click, type or text to communicate, it’s beneficial to recall the way we used to share information – by talking face-to-face – as recent as a decade ago.

There are a variety of old-school behaviors modern-day entrepreneurs should continue to honor while working to achieve and maintain success.

Among these, are the following five pre-digital-age protocols – from an age when conversation was king:

1) Be Honest In All Dealings

There is nothing high-tech about the concept of being truthful. Always strive to ensure you customers receive what is promised – and fulfill or exceed expectations.

2) Return Messages Promptly

No one enjoys being ignored. Speedy responses to customers’ queries should always be a top priority.

3) Remind Customers That You Are In Business

No matter how satisfied your customers may have been in the past, nothing will stand in the way of them choosing a competitor over you if they forget you exist.

Humans are humans. We all forget things from time to time if not reminded. Make sure you contact your customers to remind them you are still in business and available to help them.

And, yes, you can take advantage of digital communications tools, like e-marketing and social media, to accomplish this … lol …. I’m not saying you should live in the past –  but, rather, learn from it and make good use of the best parts.

4) Promote Your Enterprise To New Prospects

Help prospective customers learn about your products or services by marketing your business in a truthful way.

5) Be Courteous

Always consider the feelings of others. The digital age has made it easy for intentions to be misinterpreted. In order to avoid insulting or angering customers or colleagues, make certain you carefully review each and every e-mail or text message before you send it. Even better, show your concern in an old-fashioned way by calling on the telephone or writing a letter.

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