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May 14, 2015
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Relevance of content is vital for reaching your target audience

By Barton Horowitz, President
Relevant Public Relations LLC

NEW YORK — In today’s world of fast-paced communications, valuable news can degrade into irrelevant chatter in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

For public relations and marketing professions in Staten Island and throughout New York, across the nation and around the globe, ensuring the relevance of content is vital in order for the message to effectively reach the client’s target audience.

Relevancy often is tied to the speed –and accuracy – with which a media release is produced and distributed.Macro Glowing Contact Us Texts

Preparing relevant PR is more than a skill – it’s an art form that requires the experience and talent to write an impactful press release from start to finish, with the know-how of steering it into the hands of news professionals who are most likely to share its content.

When shopping for PR and marketing professionals, keep in mind that price is not the most important factor when deciding which firm to bring on board, as the quality of work – and results – are of prime importance and may vary from company to company.


If you operate a business or professional practice, and are interested in using your time and money to best advantage, we suggest you ask the following questions of any public relations and-marketing firm you consider hiring:

1) What makes your firm different from the next?

2) How will you help my brand stand out from the competition?

3) What is the range of your public relation and/or marketing services?

4) Do you offer both traditional and digital content marketing, social media and email marketing services?

5) Can you provide me with published hard-copy and online newsroom results of your work?

6) How much experience do you have representing businesses or professional practices like mine?

7) What should my realistic expectations be in regard to results?

8) What strategies do you incorporate to increase the chances of publication?

9) Can you provide me with references from satisfied clients?

10) How will I know if the marketing and public relations services you provide on my behalf are working?


For information on how Relevant Public Relations can help your business grow, call us at 718-862-1509 or email me personally at BHorowitz@RelevantPR.com.

About Relevant Public Relations LLC

Relevant Public Relations LLC (Relevant PR), “Where Success is Written®,” is a New York City-based multimedia public relations and marketing company with local, national and global reach. The firm’s founder and president, Barton Horowitz, is a Small Business Administration (SBA) Champion of the Year Award winner and recipient of a 2013 Louis R. Miller Business Leadership Award.

Economically headquartered in the New York City borough of Staten Island, Relevant Public Relations is “America’s Journalist-Empowered PR & Marketing firm®,” leading businesses, professional practices and organizations to greater heights by cost-effectively integrating all marketing and PR strategies into a single efficiently run operation.

Relevant Public Relation’s custom-designed branding methods succeed due to an innovative recipe of press releases; traditional, digital and broadcast-news distribution; social-media management; Website and blog content; e-mail marketing; commercial copywriting, and more.

Whether your enterprise requires a single press release, a multimedia campaign or the information on a company brochure or Website professionally written, edited or updated, Relevant Public Relations is the right choice.

Relevant Public Relations is available online at www.RelevantPR.com, and may be reached at 718-682-1509 or via email: info@RelevantPR.com.