10 Steps for Effective Content Marketing

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Public Relations Firm in Staten Island, N.Y., Shares Universal Tenets of Digital Marketing That Work

By Relevant Public Relations LLC

As the Internet continues to evolve as a vehicle for business growth, so does the use of “content marketing,” a method of promoting an enterprise or brand online. This form of digital marketing has become a widely embraced component of public relations and marketing strategists, making “content marketing” a modern day catch phrase. Content Marketing process circle, business concept

If you operate a business and want to take fullest advantage of a content marketing strategy, consider taking the following 10 steps:

  1. Make sure the content you are posting is well-written, fresh and of value to your targeted audience.
  2. Offer useful information designed to attract social interaction and inspire online sharing.
  3. Sculpt your text with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind, carefully embroidering keywords into your compositions.
  4. Resist the temptation of consistently providing clear-cut promotions of your brand or business, but rather provide or share content that will spark interest in your products or services.
  5. Keep in mind that content is more than just words; content-worthy videos or photos are encouraged, but make sure to support them with descriptive keywords and/or hashtags.
  6. Place relevant links into your content.
  7. Create your written content with “repurposing” in mind. Many content-marketing posts can be tweaked to fit a variety of media and customer-outreach venues – both digital and traditional. In addition to social media sites and blogs, such platforms might include email, public relations releases, brochures, advertisements, direct mail, and more.
  8. Remember, whatever you post online – and how you say it – is a reflection of your business image. Always think twice before sharing your thoughts online, and maintain a consistent voice that re-enforces the dignity of your brand.
  9. If you lack the skill or time to provide quality content on your own, hiring a professional business writer is a wise, cost-effective option.
  10. Measure your results. Analytics can help determine which of your content marketing efforts work best.

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