5 Reasons a Blog is Vital for Your Business

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Marketing and public relations firm headquartered on Staten Island, N.Y.,

emphasizes importance of blogging

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – Blogs are significant, if not essential, to most businesses. Nowadays, such online essays, articles and news features are ubiquitous – for a variety of reasons.

“Misinterpreted by some entrepreneurs as either an unwarranted business expense or a nonbeneficial time-consuming chore, blogs, in fact, can help an enterprise prosper,” said Barton Horowitz, president of New York City-based Relevant Public Relations LLC. “It’s unlikely a blog by itself will accomplish your marketing goals, but your business is missing out if you neglect to have an active one on your website – and include it among your brand-building tools.”

This is true for most types of commercial ventures, Horowitz said, ranging from banks, medical practices, law firms and auto leasing companies to insurance agencies, real estate brokers, restaurants, and more.

To help business owners get a better understanding of a blog’s value, the public relations and marketing agency points to five quick reasons why a business or professional practice of any size can benefit from having a blog:


Regularly posted blogs refresh your website, as opposed to having it appear dormant. It may not be practical to update the well-crafted Search Engine Optimized (SEO) pages of your site, but keyword-embroidered blog posts will keep your website active – and impact favorably with search engines.


Blogs provide useful material for posting and sharing on social media sites, helping to place your company in the spotlight.


Blog pages may rank higher than some “Home” pages during online searches, drawing potential clients or customers to the blog – and ultimately to other areas of your website, where they may be further engaged.


Posting fresh online content can contribute to the public image of both you and your firm as experts in your field.


Blogs may easily be incorporated into additional branding initiatives, including content marketing, e-marketing, direct mail, and even print advertising.

Build your brand with Relevant Public Relations LLC

Relevant Public Relations LLC is among the leading real estate PR firms in New York City, and the predominate media liaison of the real estate industry in Staten Island, N.Y., where it serves as the exclusive public relations and marketing representative of the Staten Island Board of Realtors® (SIBOR) and the Staten Island Multiple Listing Service. The PR company works on behalf of real estate agencies, law firms, banking and financial experts, insurance companies, and other businesses within a wide range of industries.


Relevant Public Relations LLC is available online at www.RelevantPR.com, and may be reached at 718-682-1509 or via email: info@RelevantPR.com.