AJNA of Staten Island, N.Y., Uses ‘Healing Frequencies’ To Promote Well-Being and Self-Healing

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AJNA of Staten Island, N.Y., Uses ‘Healing Frequencies’ To Promote Well-Being and Self-Healing

  Tuning forks’ ancient musical chords are believed to ‘balance the harmonies of the body’

NEW YORK — Most people would agree that music influences our moods, whether the preference is J-Z, Springsteen or Mozart. The question is: Why?

There may be more to our personal music choices than most of us realize, according to Valerie Gullo, a Reiki master and holistic energy-flow expert.

“We all resonate to a frequency, to a set of note, or chords,” the energetic practitioner said.  “And, the chords vary from one individual to the next.”

In her New York City-based holistic practice, AJNA holisitc products and services , Mrs. Gullo utilizes a variety of methods to encourage the wellness of her clients; one of these involves therapeutic sound.

Certified as a somaenergetic therapist, she uses specially crafted tuning forks that emit “healing frequencies to “balance the harmonies of the body.”

When properly executed, Mrs. Gullo said, the tuning forks’ notes are believed to encourage relaxation and self-healing.

“The frequencies produced by the tuning forks are inspired by ‘Solfeggio frequencies,’ an ancient musical scale comprised of notes believed to evoke a spiritual experience when blended in harmony,” Mrs. Gullo explained. “These chords are the healing frequencies of the body; they assist in aligning the Chakras, the body’s seven energy-force centers.”

About AJNA

AJNA is a holistic center and online emporium based in Staten Island, N.Y.

 AJNA’s brick and mortar location offers wellness treatments for body and mind; Feng Shui-guided designs and adjustments for home and workplace; Reiki treatments, personalized chromotherapy (color therapy) sessions, somaenergetic therapy, and other energy-harnessing therapies. The New York and online showrooms offer exclusive handmade therapeutic crystal jewelry, and wellness-enhancing products for bath, body and home. AJNA is headquarted at 1854 Hylan Blvd., Staten Island, NY, 10305.

The company may be reached at 718-980-7272; e-mailed at Valerie@YourAJNA.com, and visited online at www.YourAJNA.com.

SOURCE: AJNA Holistic Products and Services



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