Luxury Senior Apartment Community in Manalapan, N.J., Highlights 5 Surprising Health Benefits of Gardening

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March 16, 2021
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Luxury Senior Apartment Community in Manalapan, N.J., Highlights 5 Surprising Health Benefits of Gardening

A pleasant drive from Staten Island, N.Y., the Villas offers a range of amenities and services sensitive to the lifestyle, health and daily needs of its residents

MANALAPAN, N.J. – Spring is here and health advocates at the posh Villas senior apartment community in Manalapan, N.J., view the season as a perfect time to get your garden growing while benefiting from a variety of unanticipated perks.

According to some wellness experts, working in your garden can actually improve your health. With health in mind, the Villas is sharing the following five surprising health benefits of getting your hands dirty in your garden:


Breathing in fresh air boosts oxygen intake which can boost brain levels of serotonin – our “happy chemical.” This helps maintain a healthy emotional state and combat depression. Sunlight exposure also signals the brain to produce serotonin. There are also certain microbes in the soil that can activate neurons which produce serotonin. Your serotonin levels will be skyrocketing after some time in your garden.  


Moderate amounts of sunlight bring health benefits, one of which is an immune system boost. UV rays are known to kill and suppress viruses and bacteria. The boost in vitamin D from sun exposure may also improve immune health. Exposure to soil microbes, particularly in childhood, helps build a stronger immune system, as well. If you consider the nutrients you will get by eating your fresh harvest, your immune system will be strengthened even more.


Gardening provides a moderate level physical activity, specifically when using hand tools. Since you are distracted when you are working, you won’t even realize how much exercise you are indeed getting. You will burn calories, build muscle, improve balance, and strengthen your bones.


A study in the Netherlands suggests gardening fights stress better than some other hobbies by hormonally reducing stress and improving mood. 


A 2006 study found that gardening could lower risk of dementia by 36 percent. The research found that physical activity, particularly in the form of gardening, could reduce incidence of dementia in future years. 

About the Villas

Situated on seven wooded acres in Manalapan, N.J., a short distance from Staten Island, N.Y., the Villas is a luxurious senior apartment community reflecting the ambiance and accommodations of a world-class resort. Offering a range of amenities and services sensitive to the lifestyle, health and daily needs of its residents, the complex – orchestrated by Hackensack Meridian Health – is uniquely focused on wellness and prevention, and ideal for singles and couples alike. The upscale 100,000-square-foot community offers a unique arrangement of supervision and increased healthcare with onsite physician services. Providing for independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care on specialized floors, the Villas eliminates the need to relocate elsewhere due to health issues, allowing couples to remain together in a comforting, well-managed, posh environment. The Villas is located at 289 Gordons Corner Road, Manalapan, NJ 07726. For information, the Villas may be reached at 732-847-3920, contacted via, and visited online at


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