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It Takes a Bit of Know-How to Get a Media Release Noticed

By Barton Horowitz,
President, Relevant Public Relations LLC

During my previous years as a business journalist and columnist, I would receive and review press releases on a daily basis. Some of the solicitations would merit publication, while others were destined for the trash.

Much of the world may be going from print to digital, but the basic guidelines for getting a favorable response to a news pitch remain unchanged.

Nowadays, with my public relations and marketing firm working within a spectrum of industries, the media releases we write rely upon many of the same factors that once persuaded me to share or shred a news pitch.New press release daily newspaper headline

Here are some tips for getting your “news worthy” press release read – and getting it one step closer to publication:

  • Follow the rules

Well-crafted press releases adhere to a journalistically accepted style, most often that of The Associated Press. Before sharing your release, make sure it looks like a release.

  • Give the newsroom what it needs

Make certain the basic content of your press release is complete – your release should clearly identify the “who, what, where, when and why” of your announcement. If your story is particularly alluring to an editor, broadcast-news producer, or reporter, you may be contacted for additional details.

  • Get to the point

Respect the deadlines journalists face by providing releases that are brief.

  • Be Accessible

Clearly provide your contact information, including more than one way you may be reached. Journalists work around the clock, so you may need to be available during non-business hours.

  • Create a distinctive headline

The subject line of an email or the headline of a press release can spell success or failure for a news pitch. Keep your headline short, and write it with the intention of grabbing some attention. Rewrite your headline if you think a journalist may read it and think, “So what?”

  • Include a photo

In some instances, a good photograph and accompanying caption can improve the chances of a press release making it to an online news venue, traditional print, or broadcast.

  • Pitch to the right person

Before sending a press release to a newsroom, do your homework. Your goal is send your story to a journalist who handles your type of subject matter. For example, you should avoid sending a press release about turtle food to an automotive editor, or the announcement of a new restaurant to a sports writer.

  • Follow Up

If you truly believe your story is important to many others, follow up with the recipients of your release. It’s acceptable, in some circumstances, to resend a release via email, along with a note asking if it is being considered for publication.

  • Hire a pro

As a time-saving and affordable approach, consider contracting a professional public relations firm to write and distribute a release on behalf of your business. An experienced publicist will have the ability to reach your target audience by reaching out to journalists whose news beats are relevant to the content of your press release.

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