Lockets, Photo-Lasered Mother’s Day Jewelry Shine worldwide at www.PicturesOnGold.com and at Casale Jewelers on Staten Island

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Staten Island, N.Y. — With Mother’s Day about two and half weeks away, many shoppers already have begun logging onto www.PicturesOnGold.com, planning in advance to impress their special lady with something extraordinary.

“History teaches us that tangible expressions of love — most often in  the form of jewelry — are as much a part of life as love itself,” said Daniel Schifter, president of www.PicturesOnGold.com, the world’s premier online destination for the very best in lockets and other fine jewelry. “Available in 14K gold, 18K gold, platinum and sterling silver, our lockets make a particularly unique gift for a special occasion such as Mother’s Day because our customers literally can design the locket themselves, from start to finish, and have their own photos permanently lasered into the jewelry with astonishing clarity.”

The “interactive locket-designer” feature at www.PicturesOnGold.com  allows customers to select from thousands of exterior designs for the customization of the locket, or lockets, they purchase.

“We also we take the guesswork out of deciding where to place your photo within the locket; we do it for you, Schifter said.

The entire process is fast, easy and designed to fit any budget.

“Your purchase of a locket from PicturesOnGold.com, with a personal photo that’s lasered into it for all time, will carry the same message of love as the most extravagant gifts the world has to offer: ‘I love you, and I want the world to know I love you. Happy Mother’s Day,’” Schifter said.

To make a purchase, visit www.PicturesOnGold.com. Shoppers in proximity to Staten Island, N.Y., may choose to visit Casale Jewelers at 1639 Richmond Rd., the world’s only authorized PicturesOnGold retail establishment.

About PicturesOnGold.com

Founded in 1997, PicturesOnGold.com® cut an impressive niche within the jewelry industry as both a manufacturer and retailer of distinctive jewelry. Fueled by the unparalleled quality of its laser-administered photo-insertion technique, sensible pricing and diligent customer-service policies, the company has become equally well-known for its extensive online selection of religious, sports, medical and personalized jewelry available in platinum, 14K and 18K gold, and sterling silver. For additional information, log onto www.PicturesOnGold.com.