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April 14, 2015
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By Barton Horowitz
President, Relevant Public Relations LLC

With little exception, every business needs a marketing program to grow – or in some cases even to survive.

The strategies used to market an enterprise may vary from one business to the next, but some basic elements hold true for most.business man writing marketing plan concept

Whether you are launching a new business or looking for ways to attract more customers to an existing one, you should consider the following ingredients for your marketing strategy:

1)  A finely tuned message

Emphasize a limited scope of products or services, or focus upon a highly specialized product and service combination. My company, which offers an array of complementary public relations and marketing methods, for example, achieves optimum client engagement by highlighting one specific service at a time.

2) Outreach that encourages dialogue with your audience

Employ a promotional strategy that embraces advertising and direct interaction with customers.

In this instance, you may want to consider online marketing and social media. Particularly for a small business on a tight budget, digital marketing can be comparatively inexpensive and an effective way to share your message.

3) Sensible pricing of your products or services

As told by the Small Business Administration (SBA), “When it comes to maximizing total revenue, the right price is crucial. Generally, higher prices mean lower volume and vice-versa…”

Keep in mind that higher prices may be applicable when customer service is elevated and personalized.

4) A cost-effective means of placing your goods or services in the hands of your clientele

The SBA points out that manufacturers and wholesalers must decide how to distribute their products. Working through established distributors or manufacturers’ agents is generally easiest for small manufacturers, advises the agency.

Small retailers should consider costs and traffic flow when choosing a brick-and-mortar location. A low-rent, low-traffic site can translate into spending more on advertising to attract customers. This may be a consideration for some startup professional practices, as well.

Ramp up your business marketing with Relevant Public Relations LLC

Based in New York City, Relevant Public Relations LLC™ (Relevant PR), “Where Success is Written,” is a multimedia public relations and e-marketing company with local and national reach.

Economically headquartered in the city’s borough of Staten Island, Relevant Public Relations is “America’s Journalist-Empowered PR & Marketing firm.” The agency leads businesses, including professional practices and not-for-profit organizations, to greater heights by cost-effectively combining all digital and traditional marketing and PR strategies into a single, efficiently run operation.

Relevant Public Relation’s custom-designed branding methods succeed because of an innovative recipe of press releases; traditional, digital and broadcast-news distribution; social-media management; website and blog content; e-mail marketing; commercial copywriting, and more.

Whether you require content marketing, a single press release, a multimedia campaign, or the information on your company brochure or website professionally written, Relevant Public Relations can help.

Relevant Public Relations is available online at www.RelevantPR.com, and may be reached at 718-682-1509 or via email: info@RelevantPR.com.